Tradie Videos.
A few Tradie features, bells and whistles.

Tradie Scheduler

Assign work to staff and track progress in real time.

Filter users.

How to filter users and jobs based on their branch/department.

Send SMS messages.

Sending text messages to staff is easy via the Tradie Scheduler. For users with a mobile phone number set up in Acceredo, just click the phone icon next to a user to get started.

Adding job notes.

How to add notes to jobs for users on mobile devices to see. These are saved as job Memos in Accredo.

Find user on map.

Show where your staff or team are using the Tradie Scheduler map.

Health And Safety

Keeping health and safety records up to date.

Health and Safety Questionnaire.

Tradie makes it easy to store HnS hazard and mitigation information to Accredo when staff first arrive on job sites. Information is collected and stored on your Accredo server as well as being linked to the job via the job Links tab.

Maintain hazards and controls.

Tradie makes it easy to maintain the hazards and controls that are available via the Health and Safety Questionnaire screen.


Find products quickly in a way that makes sense.

Mobile product list.

Make it easy for your team to find products by organising you inventory in a logical way. Split by team or department, or use a step in your workflow to split up unruley product lists.

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